Lucita Designs

Premier Women's Apparel 

Lucita Designs is currently building three distinctive labels in our premier women's apparel in Bellflower, CA: Boss Girl, Green Eyed Girl, and Pimp Panda. These contemporary, versatile, and uniquely timeless designer collections are inspired by the power fashion houses across Europe — at a price that won't break the bank. Each label consists of the following:

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Boss Girl

Boss girl is a contemporary career wear collection that's inspired by vintage Hollywood glamour. These spectacular designs are reminiscent of the timeless styles popularized by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie O.

Green Eyed Girl

Green Eyed Girl is a colorful, fun, and delightfully spirited collection of women’s weekend wear from Bellflower, CA. It features Bohemian looks with a distinctive Folkloric twist. These fun designs are inspired by the fashions of the '70s, including Raquel Welch, Lauren Hutton, and Halston.

Pimp Panda

Pimp Panda is an uptown athleisure wear collection with a unique, streetwear edge. These "new formal" streetwear looks are inspired by "Amiri" by Amiri, "Fear of God" by Lorenzo, and "Off-White" by Virgil Abloh.


To design collections inspired by high end European fashion houses.
We will offer our versions of these "on point" looks at an affordable price, with excellent value, and workmanship.