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Green Eyed Girl Brings New Life to Vintage Women’s Wear in Bellflower, CA

You deserve to show off a distinct aesthetic. Redefine your wardrobe with Lucita Design’s. The Green Eyed Girl is a collection of vintage women’s wear in Bellflower, CA, that adds color and flowing lines to your look. Check out the selection at our shop today and add variety to your ensemble.

Green Eyed Girl is a colorful, fun, and delightfully spirited collection of high fashion in Bellflower, CA for weekend wear. It features Bohemian looks with a distinctive Folkloric twist. These fun designs are inspired by the fashions of the '70s, including Raquel Welch, Lauren Hutton, and Halston.

About Green Eyed Girl

Enjoy a modern look that is inspired by the leading voices in clothing design and fashion. Our Green Eyed Girl lineup redefines top-quality clothing. We designed this collection as something you will want to wear every day. Since it draws inspiration from the Bohemian aesthetics from the 1970s, you can expect that is will wear comfortably while still retaining distinct appeal. This selection of highly fashionable clothing makes a statement--and with gusto.

The Green Eyed Girl Collection is characterized as free-flowing, imparting a carefree attitude anywhere you go. Many of the pieces in this lineup of women’s apparel apply a mix-and-match approach to design. You will appreciate the floral prints complemented by sharp lines and out-of-this-world colors.

With a sense of freedom in each stitch, these pieces comprise the ideal weekend wear for women. Whether your plans involve lounging around the house or lighting up the sidewalk, Green Eyed Girl has your go-to aesthetic.

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