About Us

At Lucita Design's, we offer the finest in fashionable apparel nationwide. Our new collections of highly fashionable clothing began as a dream. The creativity of our designs come from a third-generation designer, who takes great pride in our small business built on producing fashionable designs in limited circulation. This way, we are providing our clients with constant amazing flow of newness & top-quality clothing that we know you will love. When you buy from us, you will be enjoying a new garment that was exclusively made in L.A. from responsibly sourced, luxurious materials, feature special couture details and exclusively hand-painted designs by local artists.

Contemporary Wear

Boss Girl

Boss girl is a contemporary career wear collection that's inspired by vintage Hollywood glamour. These spectacular designs are reminiscent of the timeless styles popularized by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie O.

Weekend Wear

Green Eyed Girl

Green Eyed Girl is a colorful, fun, and delightfully spirited collection of weekend wear. It features Bohemian looks with a distinctive Folkloric twist. These fun designs are inspired by the fashions of the '70s, including Raquel Welch, Lauren Hutton, and Halston.

Street Wear

Pimp Panda

Pimp Panda is an uptown athleisure wear collection with a unique, streetwear edge. These "new formal" streetwear looks are inspired by "Amiri" by Amiri, "Fear of God" by Lorenzo, and "Off-White" by Virgil Abloh.

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